I cannot imagine doing what I do, the way I do it, without these two people in my life.

Raising children can be a daily source of opportunities for self-awareness. As parents we have to strike such a difficult balance of taking care of ourselves while giving so much of our time and energy to taking care of these little people who have taught us a whole new meaning of love. It’s so deep, so completely engrossing that it’s easy to lose ourselves. I’m sure I did for a while, but in that journey I learned that my actions really did matter, really did have consequences for the lives of these two people I love so dearly.

They have been my mirror, constantly keeping me off of any high horse I might have been tempted to climb upon. They keep me laughing at myself and being accountable for my actions.

Now they are young adults, Anna in Charleston, SC, a Montessori School teacher. She’s a baby whisperer and an amazing photographer (http://www.annawardphotography.com ). Bo is on his way into Officer Candidate School at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.