Sitting, letting go of the need to do anything but…sit and breathe, letting go of the stories that keep starting up in my head. They start up, I notice and get back to my breath. In a 20-minute meditation this could easily happen 40 times, maybe more.


Why does this help my work, my art? Why is this inspirational?


The stories get in the way when I’m with the medium, pushing clay or carving wax for a bronze pour. One can analyze/critique or one can create, but trying to do both at the same time gets in the way. Asking the question “What if I do this or that, add this, take that away”? That’s ok. It’s part of the process, but the “Achhh, this sucks! What do I think I’m doing? Why did I think I could pull this off”? This gets in the way. These are stories, not investigations, not process.


So the sitting creates space for imagination without judgment, experimentation without expectations. It helps me to stay open to what’s happening, not getting so blinded by what I want that I can’t see what’s in front of me. It helps. I don’t pull it off every day. In fact, I get caught up in the stories most days, for bits and pieces of time, some days more than others, but then I let go and get back to work.


And the next day I get up and sit and breathe.